Hi, and apologies for the brief pause in my reporting.

Was very suprised to see that our stats not only were unaffected, but have increased somewhat and older articles were visited even 🙂

Anyway, our Internet was down for awhile due to new cables being installed and my health has been a problem too.

Add a new baby due any day now and my increasing concern for the global situation and you have my full reasons for not posting anything for a few days.

I AM concerned at the widespread abuse of power that all global leaders thrive on doing, and recently I’ve been concerned with fracking, abuse of people on benefits and a general trend of those with money and power to put that way above basic human rights!

I believe humanity is at risk of collapse if those that are being abused ( the majority ) don’t stand up to the abusers ( the minority).

The general public is subdued by the media and by the entertainment industry. The issue goes deep..

Most people whom I thought were friends cannot even discuss such issues as they have their heads stuck in the sand due to not yet being affected directly in all this.

Just because something doesn’t yet affect you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or affect many others.

A young mother in the uk recently jumped off a building with her baby as her benefits were cut and age lost her rent and income. She saw no way of surviving so ended both their lives.

All the while, those in power have daily expenses far surpassing most people’s monthly income.

So I am very concerned…as a father, I see a dim future for my kids, and for YOUR kids.

What do we do about it? I emphasise the word WE, because if you are reading this and have kids, you can be assured that unless you are rich, something very soon WILL affect your existence and make it very austere indeed.

Put it this way, every single global government has messed up and put your existence and that of your children at risk, not just economically, but ecologically too…

So I am currently thinking of how to invest my time to raise awareness of the bitter truths out there without sounding like a fanatic conspiracy theorist:)

Apps, artists and music will still be featured but will be secondary from now on and chosen carefully.

I can really only afford proactive affiliations from now on, this blog is not a charity and I’m only really prepared to deal with people on a mutually beneficial level. I’m not talking money ( although that is much needed), I’m talking about timely and proactive co operation.

This blog is international, well read and steady and it’s purpose is selfless.

For us to really change the world, the selfless mindset is of paramount importance.

Watch this space and thanks for your continued readership!

Here is my latest free ambient track in the meantime:


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