Just had a spin with this amazing app- Anaphobia Destro, and it was worth the wait!

Destro is a true sounding emulation of the good old days of acid house with the 303/808/909 sound.

The developer spent ages getting this just right and I’m amazed.

Most acid apps are clumsy or don’t sound quite right, with DESTRO you get a simple but very Tronlike green UI and quality sounds and navigation/ responsiveness.

From the AppStore specs:

Destro is another monophonic virtual analog synthesizer for iOS 5.0 and goes on where AnaMini ends.

Once again a monophonic virtual analog synth, Destro features one VCO, two LFOs, a noise generator, a VCF and a VCA. Of course, none of it is really controlled by voltage, but rather by a digital synthesis engine.

On top of the synthesizer, Destro also provides a programmable step sequencer so you can create your own patterns and songs.

Furthermore, Destro adds a noise generator and foldback distortion unit, as well as a 3-part drum synthesizer module!

Features (Synthesizer)

One main oscillator (VCO) with selectable wave type (saw, square, noise and sine) and scalable within the range of -1 and +1 octaves.

Two low frequency oscillators (LFO) with selectable wave type (saw, square, noise and sine) and selectable frequency/rate and depth. LFO1 modulates VCO1 frequency while LFO2 modulates VCF cutoff frequency.

LFO’s synchronise to MIDI/sequencer tempo at 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 notes.

One VCA with fully customizable ADSR(A) envelope.

One 24dB/octave VCF with three filter types (Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass), selectable cutoff frequency and resonance and a fully customizable ADSR(A) envelope.

One noise generator with fully customizable ADSR(A) envelope.
Foldback distortion unit with adjustable threshold.

A one-octave keyboard with support for portamento and legato play.

5 factory presets.

10 custom presets.

Features (Sequencer)

4 beats-per-pattern, 4 steps per beat step sequencer.

Adjustable tempo from 20-200BPM.

Adjustable swing.

Supports note on, note off and legato commands.

Supports MIDI Clock IN synchronisation.

Korg WIST compatible.

5 factory patterns.

10 custom patterns.

Features (drum synthesizer)

Bass drum, snare drum and hihat parts, using the same synthesizer technology as the main synthesiser.
Each part has its own track in the sequencer.


Adjustable level of individual parts

From the developers blog:

The app is only £1.49 and ships with virtual midi…all record and export options are in the works right now and will be with you within 2 weeks!

A straight 10/10 from me, go get it!



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