“Nothing Beats Easy”- is how you are greeted on Hopefully Useful Softwares website.

Christian is the developer who has brought you Easy Beats 1 and 2, and today he has launched the third instalment in his series of drum machine apps.

“Made by one guy in his bedroom”- is his humble statement and I feel a very comforting one.

Christian seems like the kind of developer who makes apps for the right reasons, not just to make money, but to provide a genuine product that people will enjoy using.

iOS drum machines don’t excite me anymore, there are too many of them and, for the most part it’s a case of old wine in new bottles.

But the video Christian made for “Easy Beats 3” got me interested.

The app has a very nice looking but simple interface, it is easy to navigate and get stuff done- “Nothing Beats Easy”..

You have three fx- distortion, reverb and high pass . A sequencer, very cool looking drum pads and a handful of drum kits.

For now, to get your own samples in, you have to do the iTunes file sharing method, but in the next update you can audio paste your own stuff from other apps and record “found sound” into individual drum pads.

Despite its apparent simplicity, EASY BEATS 3 can create deep grooves very effectively.

It also has advanced features like copy and paste of patterns and a very cool sample crop editor.

Highly advised to watch the demo video to see just how well designed this app really is.

Above all, I recommend this app for those of you who like to have fun making beats and those that need a good way to make some for use in full tracks.

And, for £1.49, a full drum machine can be had on your idevice? That’s a bargain in my book…

Go here for the videos and specs/ AppStore purchase link:





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