AUFX Space is an incredible and much needed iOS app that focuses on a sorely minimised area in the music app world- REVERB!!

Reverb has been less than adequate in music apps because of its CPU intensity. I hear the reverb in Auria is good but I’ve not yet tried it despite owning the app.

Before iOS, I was using Propellerhead Reason, and that, my friends, had reverb from the higher realms!

The true test of any reverb, is the amount of delay needed to compliment it. If one doesn’t really need to use delay, it’s a good reverb in my book.

Jonatan from Kymatica , who brought you Audioshare and Bitwiz, suprised me with AUFX Space and put me on the beta test duties.

I have to say that this reverb app is astounding..

You have two options- throw it in Audiobus in any slot and run other apps through it, or use it as a standalone and create vast soundscapes using the built in mic.

Bear in mind that AUFX also has its own built in recorder and exports to Audioshare, so that can free up the fx slot in Audiobus..

Anyway, I’m very excited about this app and it will be a very welcome addition to any kind of iOS artists arsenal I’m sure.

Price and release date come soon, but in the meantime, here is a little taster of just how DEEP AUFX SPACE IS:



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