Last night, I was talking to one gentleman in a local park while our kids played together.

He told me how his wife’s friend who is a single mother with a disabled child was FIVE MINUTES LATE for her signing time for Jobseeker’s Allowance benefit and they didn’t pay her benefit for one month.

Her housing benefit was also stopped for that period so she got behind with her rent and is now facing eviction…

Just today, I went food shopping on my local Tesco supermarket. At each entrance were voluntary workers hustling for donations for the local “food banks”.

Food banks are places where unemployed people who have to pay council and bedroom tax out of their benefit go to get food parcels as they cannot even afford to eat properly.

Around 500 000 people in the UK are now visiting these food banks and their number is increasing.

What I didn’t know is that the food banks rely on donations from the public- the tax payers…

I found that out today.

It did not impress me when I asked all the volunteers individually if they knew the root cause of this food bank dependancy.

I was further unimpressed when it became clear to me that the government makes the tax payers resent the unemployed and gets backing to reduce benefits to make food harder to obtain, AND says they are saving tax payers money..but on the other hand expect those very same tax payers to donate food???

These things have been preying on my mind so much that my focus on music, labels , artists and apps has become a secondary meditation to me..even my own creative output is affected by the reality of the country I am living in.

Those with plenty actually resent those with less and want to push them further into poverty.

We are intimidated and obstructed when we speak out about these things, like we are expected to accept this with gratitude.

I am sorry, but I have two kids and another on the way, I don’t think I will personally allow this blatant abuse toward others and will certainly do what I can to avoid it happening to my own family.

I am unemployed due to no fault of my own. I apply for at least 60 jobs a month, maybe more and I don’t get any replies.

I’m 41 years old, employers prefer to employ school leavers to keep paying the minimum wage…

The reality is clear to all who actually wake up and see it.

Not only in the UK, but worldwide, elected governments main priority is to keep the rich rich and nothing else matters.

If you read this and are struggling for money and find yourself and your family hungry, spare a kind thought for those politicians and corporation owners who’s DAILY LIVING EXPENSES ARE MORE THAN YOUR MONTHLY ONES.

Likely some people’s daily expenses are more than your yearly ones.

I believe that in order for fairness to be realised and, in some cases, survival itself, is not something to be requested politely.

Leaders are not going to back down unless you make it absolutely clear that you will not allow unnecessary suffering to befall you or your communities..

It’s funny, the Queen gets a massive payrise, MPs are also going to get one, and Obama and his family just took a multimillion dollar vacation to Africa.

But likely YOU, dear reader might find yourself wondering if you should eat or pay your taxes…

If you find yourself having to make decisions based on urgency and priority, spare a kind thought to those who get a headache deciding wether to get a Rolls Royce or a Bentley..

To be continued…

PS- feel free to share your own stories with us, use the comments section below


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