Intermorphic have released Noatikl 2 for iOS and it’s free ( save record and export are a £6.99 iap )!

This is a very big moment for idevice owners, as Noatikl is the worlds most powerful generative music studio and, unbelievably – free….

There is far too much documentation concerning this app, the manual and specs itself can be found here:

I’d like to focus on the essence and purpose of this app…

Generative music is likely one of the most underground forms of music on the planet, and for good reason- most do not understand it.

Sometimes it is confused with ambient music. While it is closely related to ambient, it is that but much more..

Generative music, likely more so than any other music, allows for profound spontaneity, infinite possibility and potential.

This is achieved by two essential factors:

Careful setting of parameters ( from deceptively simple to extremely complex).

Allowing the app/ software to act upon your settings and let it “perform” what you coded/ pre defined .

It could be said that a generative artist grants a great deal of control to the app used…

In my own experience , generative composition always works- it never sounds terrible, it’s never out of tune, and above all- it always offers pleasant suprises…

Noatikl, takes things further than its predecessor Mixtikl.

A lot further it seems.

When the app arrived last night, I browsed through some of the settings – that took half an hour…Noatikl allows for precise control of voice, bpm, effects, parameters, movements, the sequence itself and much much more.

Noatikl is not a tool to go and rush to use…it will require much thought and understanding to get the maximum results from this app- the above mentioned documentation is a good start…

You will require a good dose of patience but you will be rewarded with INFINITE MUSICAL POSSIBILITY:)

For me, generative music is a very big deal, it allows for profound and spontaneous expression and a hell of a lot of surprise…

One big bonus of Noatikl is that it allows for virtual midi- the control of other apps via its own predefined movements, and I tried it last night with one iOS synth and was shocked!

Noatikl translated its own settings and played them on the synth chosen and a gorgeous symphony ensued..

With Noatikl, you have a new approach to music making that can be either used standalone, or you can trim excerpts to add to other kinds of compositions.

I suspect many like these kind of apps to provide excellent background or meditation music, and if that is your cup of tea, Noatikl is for you.

I have been in close contact with the developers and am aware of a lot of hard work that has gone into this app, again, if you look at the sheer amount of settings and the crisp and clear UI, you’ll understand.

The sound quality and navigation within Noatikl are superb.

Ok, enough talk, you have no excuse but to try it as its free..if you resonate with this app, the iap is a very reasonable price to pay for saving and exporting etc

Well done to Intermorphic and a huge thank you for this incredible gift of the worlds most advanced generative studio!

AppStore link is here:


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