So here is the verdict on Thor for iPad by Propellerhead by our resident iPad app reviewer Aural Imbalance!

Please note that the demo linked below the review is a clip of a much larger WIP that will be released on a major indie electronica label later this year.

From what Simon has told me, he is able to construct whole tracks using Thor alone, yet more evidence of iOS coming of age!

What then, will he do when iOS7 lands:)

The Mighty Thor

The first thing that I have to say about Thor is how really clean looking the UI is, it’s just such a nice thing to look at and as a result of this it makes navigation around it feel very easy and straight forward. The sound quality is for want of a better word stunning it really sounds chunky but at the same time has a delicate quality to it as well!

The detail within each sound feels really solid, so much so that I’m currently working on an entire track that will only feature sounds from Thor, which will be released later in the year so watch this space 🙂

Everything feels very hands on with Thor each little parameter shift makes sense, you feel in full control and each alteration provides instant feedback, I also like when you move from the main keyboard screen across to the “knobs” and “routing” sections of Thor, as a smaller version of the on screen keyboard is available so you can jam with it in real time which makes playing with a really fun and tactile experience.

The amount of presets caters for all tastes and there are a lot of them, preset junkies will love it just for that, but the power really kicks in when you start to edit and create your own sounds, it’s really cool just starting with a preset that you like and then messing about with it and Thor really invites you want to mess with the sounds.

Users who have already used Thor via Reason will not be disappointed here, it works so well with the iPad touchscreen and adds a different dimension with the more tactile nature of using the iPad as a device. Couple that with the ability to use patches between Thor on the iPad and Thor in Reason this makes this unmissable for anyone who already uses Reason in their workflow.

We are entering a exciting time for iOS software synths and I have to say that Thor is really really up there and is one of the best of them for sure, when you think that you can get this for such a low price it would be utter madness to miss out on purchasing this beautiful and powerful synth.

For Simons demo, go here:


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