It’s no secret that Propellerhead are one of my favourite software and app developers.

I learned music production starting with Reason, and I’ve fond memories of it!

So I was very happy with Figure, Rebirth and was privileged to have a taste of Thor for iPad prior to release.

We have been spoiled with Synth apps of late and readers may wonder if Thor should break the piggy bank!

Yes it should!

Thor is fantastic and a much needed addition to the AppStore.

Thors engine allows for unique sound sculpting distinct from any other iOS synth, comes bundled with literally thousands of patches, has an unprecedented routing system, AND a super easy UI to navigate.

The overall feel of the app is super smooth even on my old trusty iPad 1 ( that my son has claimed as his own..)

But it’s the sound quality….the sheer functionality..the very feel of Thor.

Many synth apps look and sound great, but don’t feel like the real thing




So here is a port of desktop stuff that has been intelligently adapted for the touchscreen and works.

You need Thor….

For a full blown synth like this, surely your piggy bank can be emptied for a week and we will prove it to you tonight.

I had Aural Imbalance make an exclusive demo track with Thor and its so good he is going to master it and release on one of his labels for global distribution

So stay tuned..

For now, here is the Propellerhead blurb for those that like the techy stuff and some VERY cool videos, and of course the direct AppStore link to throw your hard saved piggy bank stash into:)


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