For a few years now, I’ve developed a keen interest in Generative Music.

It is a very deep subject and somewhat technical, and I’m far from being an authority on the subject.

However, I do make it on occasion, mostly thanks to iOS developers who specialise in making complex generative apps available that are easy to use.

Intermorphic are likely the most well known of the bunch.

Intermorphic started developing generative music software years ago starting with Koan.

Koan was even used enthusiastically by the great ambient pioneer Brian Eno, and developed into Noaktikl and Mixtikl.

Thus far, Mixtikl has been a staunch favourite in the iOS App Store but will soon be joined by a full version of Noaktikl ( any day now ).

This is a very big deal actually, for Noaktikl is a very powerful app.

Not only can it generate amazing sounds, it can also manipulate the sounds and parameters of other apps ( or your desktop software) in ways that few other apps can.

This is a big subject and one that I need the input of the developers to help you understand. Contrary to opinion, generative music is not “straight” ambient music.

It may sound like it, but the process required to make it is far more complex.

A deep listen to generative compositions, reveals very subtle, but complex, infinatly ever evolving arpeggios, patterns and all that.

Generative music is also likely the most underground music on the planet. The tools used to create it are few and far between, as is the amount of artists that focus on it.

Intermorphic have dedicated over two decades to investigating techniques and making tools to bring the generative experience to anyone who wishes to do so, all at extremely affordable prices.

Thus far, Noaktikl is available for mac and windows, Mixtikl is also on those platforms and iOS, and Tiklbox, which is a generative player, is also on iOS.

All of Intermorphics tools coming with the highest quality audio, and while complex to use, are very worthwhile.

Intermorphic are the longest standing and most authoritative developers of generative applications on the planet.

Noaktikl, Mixtikl and Tiklbox are crafted with precision and quality in mind, they are truly immersive tools that go as deep as you wish to:)

I may add that Mixtikl also comes with what I feel is the best looking visualiser for iOS.

Over the next few days I will present more information on Generative music, it’s tools and techniques. As well as input from key artists.

This will culminate in a special feature highlighting the release of Noaktikl iOS itself.

For now, I highly recommend a browse through Intermorphics site, which has extensive documentation on all their products and the relevant AppStore links. Please note that Mixtikl has a free version which you may try to see if you resonate with it. Highly likely Noaktikl will have a free version too.

Ok, please go here for more until I “generate” more content šŸ™‚


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