A friend and three readers mailed me shortly after I posted my ios7 thoughts.

Asking the same thing- “will the inter app audio that ships with ios7 render the third party routing apps redundant?”.

I cannot say for sure, only the developers who are under NDA know.

What I can tell you is that there is a genuine air of excitement and expectation of rapid progress for music apps for iOS (7).

This is based on private communications ( where no info about the sdk has been disclosed) and from what I have read online over the past few hours.

In my own non developer opinion, I’d risk saying yes! iOS music will no longer be a sandboxed affair, and no longer dependant on third party apps to accomplish convenient and effective routing.

How such routing will happen, will it be automatic ( ie certain apps just recognise each other ), or wether one has to connect somehow, like audiobus or vst scenarios in desktop, again, I can’t say.

But the evidence points boldly to Apple accepting the needs of mobile musicians and concluding that the third party apps proved it can be done on idevices.

One developer said that Audiobus was kind of like a beta test for Apple, but with the added advantage of the developers making some money. So that is great! They will go down in history for such and likely can now focus their attention on other great apps ( a daw even?).

Apple are top of their game for good reason, their every move is carefully calculated.

The WWDC keynote has certainly scared Microsoft and google/ android no doubt.

So we have this iOS7 to look forward to and some convinient routing which will not necessitate buying a third party app to do so.

iDevices will become as powerful as desktop and maybe we will see big players such as Ableton join us.

From the very first moment I started using music apps, I knew deep down the potential of iOS and finally we will see it becoming clear for one and all within the next 6-12 months:)

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