iOS7 AND “Inter app audio”

Prior to iOS6, Apple had a keynote announcement wherein “inter app audio” was on the slide show.

There was lots of speculation and then Audiobus was released, and then Jack.

At first Audiobus was fun, but then it’s restrictions became obvious and it’s fans demanding every single noisemaker become compliant with it, really got annoying..

The funny thing is that despite advances in apps and routing, the core iOS artists have not improved their game, their music still sounds the same as it did a year ago, and none have a achieved success enough to warrant true ambassadorship of the iOS scene.

At the WWDC keynote yesterday, many improvements and additions to the iOS were revealed, especially in the overall UI.

It was a giant leap forward and they have also added “inter app audio”, not only on the slideshow but there is serious mention in the developer page too:

So, it is happening, and the sentimentalists are wondering what will happen to the third party routing apps once Apple implement a built in routing system..

I cannot answer that question, nor does it concern me. I’ve always maintained that Apple will eventually ensure that all you need will be within iOS.

My real concern is that we should not need ten or so apps to make a song!

More emphasis needs to be on solid standalone apps/ daws, that people can work with, I foresee that many synth apps will be embraced as genuine live tools that, perhaps don’t need to interface with other apps, although the option to do so will be clearly there.

It seems that so many hurry to get apps out into the AppStore, to satisfy those with the “app addiction”, but this is now problematic.

Some users have so many apps, that they get confused over which ones to use, AND due to the frequency of releases, don’t master any of them.

I’m hoping to see a plateau now, after the release of iOS7, where quality becomes more important than quantity.

You hardly see my post about apps now, only the very best and the most original will get promoted here now.

If its good, I have it, and out of those, very few actually stay on my devices.

With iOS7, I feel we will have a quality experience and it will demand a higher standard from developers.

I will be very relieved to see less spamming of all kinds of midi apps and less tantrums and demands from the audiobus heads.

So, I’m looking forward to this all and expect a higher standard of product from users and developers, and if possible, a higher standard of conduct from certain bloggers too.

iOS has been around awhile now, if we are to push music made with it into the mainstream, quality must prevail over quantity.

For me at least, this is not a hobby…


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