Well, today’s Apple Keynote at WWDC had me in tears actually.

Why? Because I’m grateful to Apple for making these amazing products available and enhancing them constantly.

I know I’m glad not to need a pc or laptop anymore, I have a MacBook but I’m a touchscreen kind of guy now:)

iOS7 is simply gorgeous, and even the die hard sceptics will admit it.

I think being an Apple “fan boy” is not a bad thing, I mean, come on! Can you tell me a better looking OS? Are there better apps on other devices? Is there any other tech giant that has such a feel good factor?


Today I think really solidified further , the essence of what Apple represents:






And so many other things..

As far as music apps go, I’m not a developer, but this latest iOS will certainly enable better looking apps, likely it will offer more ways to manoeuvre inside the apps. And we will have to wait a few more months for new models of iPads, Pods and Phones, which will make things even faster…

Anyway, my conclusion is that you get what you pay for and Apple certainly have ensured that existing customers will stay with them and new ones will not be able to resist despite cheaper options…

Can’t wait!


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