In an age of iOS app mega development into the realms of intricate wavetable audiovisual ecstasy, sometimes it’s good to go a bit retro…

Rebirth is an original piece of software that has been the staple of many techno/ acid producers for years. It carries with it an authenticity that outlives its nostalgia.

Propellerhead originally released it for iPhone, then launched an iPad version.

Sadly , the iPhone version has been removed from the AppStore , but the iPad version lives on!

In my pc days, I was “a Reason” man, and rebirth was the closest I could come to the experience on the iOS platform and still is, “kind of”.

Propellerhead released ” Figure”, awhile back and that was yet more testimony to the companies ability to adapt, while maintaining integrity to their software counterparts.

Anyway, Aural Imbalance seems to be taking over duties as iOS reviewer in chief, while I focus more on releases and artists etc..

So here is his tuppence worth about Rebirth!

“Well what can I say about rebirth ?

It has taken me back to the days of going round to my friends house and messing around with his 303, 808 and 909, nostalgia trip city.

Rebirth has been around for a very long time but its charm is still evident when you start messing around with it.

I’m not going to teach a granny to suck eggs by telling you how each parameter works as I’m sure that most people reading this will already have an idea of Rebirths layout and capabilities, what I will say though is that using this app on the ipad really adds something back to the tactile nature of using one of the classic roland machines.

Once you start messing around with Rebirth you start to get hooked on the looping nature and almost hypnotic groove that the 303 emulators are capable of.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who actually got hypnotised using another friends 303 with headphones.

It was very amusing at the time, and that is the point I suppose -it gets you looping and creating lovely little grooves that will start to suck you in.

Using the ipad touch screen really works well with all of the editable parameters , and if you do get the headphones plugged in you will just go off into another dimension which is quite good fun,.

Couple that with the 808 and 909 much fun is to be had here.

It’s really is just great hearing the 303, 808 and 909 emulation and thinking about early raves and parties where this sound was prevalent will not be lost on the older user, however having the ability of interacting and making full use of the iPads touch screen brings this classic well and truly up to date.

I would really urge people to get this app , it really brings out a serious nostalgia vibe-for that “Reason” excuse the pun go out and get this app now and treat yourself to a bit of a memory lane experience:)


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