Aural Imbalance told me of his interest in iOS music apps so I hooked him up with Tempo Rubato to test the beta of the much anticipated “Nave” Waldorf wave table iPad synth.

As readers know, Aural Imbalance is a globally reknowned producer and Dj with many , many releases and remixes to his credit.

For him to say the below about an iOS app is a sure sign things have come of age:)

Eager purchasers of the app will have the pleasure to also work with Aural Imbalances carefully crafted bass patches!

Here is his review of this amazing app:

1-as a hardware user, how was nave- did it feel like a real synth?

I have to say that Nave is such a lovely synth to use in every respect, it reacts so well to parameter changes and makes you want to play with it more and more, in that respect it feels like a real synth.

There are so many editing options and it does get very addictive when using this powerful app, it is a very tactile experience and the interactivity is superb using the ipad touch screen.

2-nave is visually stunning, how did the UI inspire making sounds from this synth?

Making patches for Nave has been an absolute joy, the UI as you say looks stunning and the way that it all links together makes a lot of sense.

The inspiration comes from being able to apply techniques used on hardware synths , and being able to instantly recognise and understand them within the Nave UI.

It really does work well and when your messing about with it it feels very similar to patch editing on a hardware equivalent.

3- how did you find the unique approach wave table synthesis offers?

I found I very intuitive and very responsive, the various waveforms available to create patches are very defined and have a lot of scope.

There are two selectable wave areas which can be used per patch and these can be blended in many different ways to give a variety of results, these work in conjunction with two spectrum areas which run in parallel to each of the selectable wave sections ,and can be used to further alter and adjust the patch as desired.

On top of this there is a wealth of fx and control methods that can be applied, so the editing options are kind of endless.

4- was nave able to create the sounds you wanted?

Nave is a very very capable synth and because of this I could make the sounds that I was envisaging whilst making them, I know that in reality I have only really scratched the surface of what this synth is truly able to achieve and that is the beauty of it!

5- what was the best thing about nave for you?

I really feel that Nave has such a come and play with me appeal and that’s probably it’s best quality, and this is because the dev team have really thought about what the ipad as a device is and applied this to how Nave can be used.

6- can you see yourself using it in production work?

YES for sure, this works well for iOS producers but also and maybe more importantly it really can bring the ipad into a main studio environment as an instrument in its own right it really is that good.

I’m sure it will appear in quite a few of my tunes 🙂

7- why should iPad owners purchase nave?

Quite simply it’s the one of the best synths out there on iOS and it really compares to AU or VST synths on other platforms, it just offers so much scope for producers, patch editors or preset junkies, it covers all bases and it covers all of them in style!

It really has so much functionality that you will not get bored of using it and that at the end of the day is what synth users want from and good quality synth.

-Stay tuned for more Aural Imbalance iOS experiments!!!


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