Aumi is an app created by the Deep Listening Institute.

It is very unique because it serves as an adaptive instrument for disabled people.

As far as I know, this is a first….

An adaptive instrument is basically something that is modified to enable the “player” maximum acess to the instrument at minimum discomfort.

The work of the creators of Aumi is very worthwhile and a great contribution to society.

Imagine the joy of a person who can only move very awkwardly, perhaps even only move their head, when they actually trigger musical notes and scales with the slightest gesture?

Aumi is specifically a music app for disabled people to play and that is its only purpose, however, babies could have some fun with this too!

Aumi picks up movement via your devices front facing camera and translates that into sound in real time.

If you have relations or friends with disabilities, or even if you are connected to organisations or centres that work with disabled people, I urge you to consider this app and the work of the Deep Listening Institute!

Creative expression is such a joy, and Aumi will no doubt bring happiness to many who may not have the change to play music otherwise.

Go here for more info :

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