AM Producer Vol 1 is a 40 track ( yes 40!) double album available as a double cd or digital download from Advection music, the label belonging to Tidal.

Advection is a deep artist management agency too.

AM 1 features 3 artists, well, actually 2- Bassflo and Nemanoe.

Together they contributed tracks to this album as “the Outerworld “.

The theme is consistent throughout the whole album, a progressive, futuristic and very deep approach to dnb soundscaping.

In fact some of it is outright ambient!

I see a general trend with Advection and it’s sister label- Cosmic Origins ( who are about to launch Bassflo & Ziyals epic “Timeless Travellers” album ), to release cutting edge and very experimental dnb.

This is great news as far as I’m concerned, it will increase variety in Dj sets and make for attentive listening on iPods.

I can’t help but think that Bassflo really has his hand in most areas of the deeper dnb scene.

AM 1 really has his style written all over it, with the added touches from the excellent and potent Nemanoe .

I’d like to know who can match the outrageous drum funk on Andromeda. It really proves the power of Nemanoes production. This is dnb at its very best- depth but with true power of intent.

While AM Producer 1 falls under the deep/ atmospheric genre, it will still
appeal to the hard heads no doubt.

I for one am very glad to have this album and look forward to future offerings like this!

Get your credit card out and go here for Advection downloads :


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