While feeling my way through the deeper dnb scene, of course I found Bassflo and Ziyal.

What some may not know is that they also make ambient soundscape music that is ultimately intended for film!

I think this commercial endeavour under their working alias “Purl & Sinious” will bear fruit for them as the music is really outstanding.

Bassflo himself just kindly sent me this press release :

Purl & Sinius is the new ambient collaboration project between UK artist Daljit Singh Kundi and Ludvig Cimbrelius, based in Sweden.

Daljit aka Bass’Flo has been making a deep impression on the atmospheric drum & bass scene with numerous releases and remixes. Inspired by emotionally charged movie scores, epic movies and the exploaration of inner space, the ambient project Sinius was born in 2012 .

Ludvig has been making ambient music under the alias Purl since a young age, while the more recent moniker Alveol has been used for deeper house and techno productions. Ziyal surfaced as an outlet for Ludvig’s explorations in the realms of atmospheric jungle and drum & bass.

The two artists met on the worldwide music community Soundcloud in 2011, where Ludvig had posted a track called “Return to Essence“, an atmospheric jungle track inspired by a 5 month journey through India.

When Daljit (who is born of Indian parents) heard the track, he had an instant recognition and a strong sense that this was someone he was destined to collaborate with. Both being long time lovers of the atmospheric visions expressed in 90′s classic atmospheric drum & bass, the two musicians quickly found common ground and started their collaboration as Bass’Flo & Ziyal. An intense creative period followed, sending sounds back and forth, starting new projects every week and feeling the resonance of their shared vision of the music.

The collaboration quickly attracted attention from Tidal, the founder of Advection Music UK, one of the few labels still pushing the vibe of deep atmospheric drum & bass. The Bass’Flo & Ziyal collaboration coincided with the birth of a sister label to Advection Music called Cosmic Origins, inspired by deep atmospheric vibrations reflecting the mid-90s intelligent drum & bass sound.

Cosmic Origins became the home of the double CD album “Timeless Travellers“, a journey reflecting the artists love of atmospheric music combined with a playfulness and a desire to explore new realms.

As they were wrapping up the final touches on the album as well as working on remixes for artists such as Aural Imbalance and Kirsty Hawkshaw, the idea of an ambient collaboration was born.

Ludvig and Daljit share a common vision about how music can be a bridge back to the deeper essence of our being, the spiritual realm beyond the physical world. Music can bypass the intellect and touch the heart directly, awakening the remembrance of our true reality.

These notions were the foundation for the Purl & Sinius collaboration, sounds emerging as reflections of the inner discovery of both artists.

My feelings towards working with Purl has been based around what our spirits are trying to interpret, the only way we can express what our spirits is trying to say is through music and mediation, it’s a message from the inner world of spirituality, it’s a temple of light.

My spiritual journey working with Purl has been the most inspirational experience of my life, I have learnt everything from deep meditation training to a deeper understanding of the purpose of our lives. Why are we here? Where did we come from? I had many moments in life asking myself these questions.

I believe we are here for a reason, there is a spirit within us all, when the time comes for our spirits to be free, a light from the sky will take us to another realm where all spirits around the universe & beyond can rejoice.

From the very start, it has been pure joy to work with Bass’Flo/Sinius. There was a deep resonance with the sounds he sent me, sounds and textures reminding me of when I first encountered atmospheric drum & bass music in my early teens and fell head over heels in love with the ethereal vision of this music.

As we started working together, there was a feeling of creating the music telepathically – though we were in different locations, there was a strong feeling of minds joining, dissolving the imagined separation of the physical experience of this world.

For me, music has always been a way to still my mind and allow the remembrance of our Source to dawn within me, sometimes described as God, Love or Truth. Long before I knew anything of spirituality, I sensed something extraordinary within music, a feeling that it was pointing beyond the actual sounds themselves.

Experiencing this unspeakable realm of being is the essence of why I make music, and it is in this intention that me and Sinius join together to reach further into our true spiritual identity.

Expect more deep movements from Purl & Sinius.





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