Aural Imbalance aka Simon Huxtable is likely one of my oldest friends in the music industry.

We first met in the tail end of the 1980s. He was originally a Hiphop dancer and I was a turntablist at the time.

As our musical tastes naturally progressed from Hiphop to house/techno/ acid etc , Simon naturally expressed an interest in my wheels of steel!

In no time he figured it out and joined me on the rave circuit.

It was not long before he was an in demand Dj and rapidly developed a reputation for being a very technically skilled Dj, specialising in Detroit and Euro style techno and the emerging breakbeat/ hardcore sounds.

I moved and we lost touch..

FFW to 2012

Having found Simon online, we caught up and I also made friends with many of his.

I started featuring his tracks on my blog and was surprised at how someone who specialised in the most hectic electronic dance music ended up being a VERY prolific producer of deep emotive dnb and house!!!

Simon is dear to all people I’ve met through him, he has always been a jolly natured and highly unassuming guy, he still remains so despite his status.

His output is beyond prolific and, he cannot exactly say how many tracks he has produced over 15 years!!

His services are constantly in demand for remixing and on ocassion he will grace an event as a honoured headliner.

If you have not yet heard Aural Imbalance, you owe it to yourself to do so, ill provide links below the interview..

1-You started off djing back in the late 80s- What made you turn your attention to producing?

I first got into the studio production vibe when a friend and producer Dave Parkinson asked if I wanted to come round and check out his studio and maybe make a tune together.

When I was there he said to me that once I started working in a studio environment that I would find it very very addictive.

I have to say that he was right, after we did a few collaborations together I decided to invest in some studio equipment synths, sampler etc as I became addicted to the process of making tunes .

I really liked and continue to love the idea of creating something from the ground up, for me its pure creation.

2-tell us what labels you release on and key djs that play your sounds

I have had my tracks released on a few labels on the D&B side of things of course there is the mighty Cadence Recordings, Advection Music, Ascendent Grooves, 720 degree’s, Phat Phunk, Omni Music, Soulridaz and the DJ’s within the deep D&B scene that play my tunes are :
Tidal, Bass’Flo, Jay le Roc, PHD, Orange & Blue and Blok One.

On the spaced house side of things I have had tracks out with Within Records, Greta Cottage Workshop, Embarcadero Records, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Secrets of the Sun Recordings, Deep Space Recordings, 7 Seas Recordings, Global Underground and Cambrian Line.

There are also some remix projects forthcoming on Lynx Recordings, Adro Recordings and Round Triangle. DJ’s such as Nick Warren, John Digweed, Donald Wilborn, Savvas, Only Matt and Jamie Slater have been very supportive of this side of my productions.

3-you still dj, what format? ie cd, vinyl, serato

I do still like mixing I very rarely go out into the world with it, I use a mixture of formats occasional vinyl, lots of CDJ mixing and a bit of digital via iPad recently 🙂

4-your production style is very deep, please explain some of your studio set up and general approach to production..

I mainly use hardware and I am a real synth fan, I have a nice selection of synths not too many but they are all very nice to use.

My approach to making tunes really can vary, I try to get the emotive feel of the track that I am making within the first session so that I can capture the vibe that I am feeling at the time, then I will take my time with the subtleties and structure of the tune.

5- something must inspire you to make such atmospheric production, personal beliefs? Lifestyle?

The main reason that I make deep music is that I personally feel a connection with what I am doing during the whole process.

Deep music really pacifies me as a person whether its D&B, house or ambient as long as its deep and spacey it -makes me feel happy and peaceful when I am either making or listening to it.

6-on average how long does each track take to make from start to finish?

There really is not set time for this, some tunes just fall together and I can have them finished within in one session which could be a short as 5-6 hours from start to finish including mixing down and recording.

Others may take weeks with many sessions, it sometimes just depends on the flow of things at the time of writing the track.

7- please tell us about your biggest inspirations in the music scene

The inspirations for me are from various producers that I listen to within the music scene, artists like Ulrich Schnauss, Tidal, Audapta, Bass’Flo, Pat Foosheen, Savvas, Blok One, Orange & Blue, Tomi Chair, Ziyal, Nemanoe, Soul Objective, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Iriann Joyce, Emily T, Jay le Roc, Shane Berry.

Also I would say that I’m very lucky to have a really cool group of friends and family which include the artists listed, and we all thrive on a bit of banter and thats great because none of us takes anything too seriously especially Odd Jay:)

…and I think thats important and to me as I feel this is a very underrated form of inspiration.

I must say that when we all get together there is a real family vibe that seems to emanate and its feels very positive indeed.

8-any up and coming artists you recommend?

I don’t like to say up and coming as a phrase as it sounds a bit arrogant on my part but I would say ones to watch for me personally would be Audapta on the more progressive house side of things, he is making some really nice and deep tracks and he will be putting out quite a few new things over the next few years.

Also, I would say Intersolar as well, although he has been producing great tunes for a while and has had a string of releases already I just really like where he is going musically and he makes a wide range of styles that are all very well made and have great quality to them.

9-plans for the future?

My plans and hopes for the future are to release more music particularly album projects.

I have a couple of albums lined up, the next will for Advection Music which I’m really excited about and all being well should be completed by the end of the summer 2013!

I also have an album project for Greta Cottage Workshop which will be coming from a very spaced out place which I will put together in the latter part of this year.

Also I have quite a lot of remixes coming up so I hope to keep doing these as I enjoy the whole remix process.

I will be doing a few more EP’s as well for various labels so its going to be a time management situation I feel hahaha 🙂

10- are you making mostly atmospheric and progressive music these days as a rule? Or will you revisit some of the harder/ darker styles from bygone days?

My musical passion is around the deep atmospheric sounds that span across many genres, I suppose you never say never but my heart really sits within the deep styles of music.

I really do appreciate all forms of music but as far as my own production goes I can only follow where my passion truly comes from.

11- favourite foods/ non musical interests?

My favourite food has probably got to be a really nice steak ” sorry to the vegetarians out there” but I’m generally happy when eating something ha ha ha!

…as far as non musical interests goes I am a keen gamer and really like just chilling out having a nice session on a game or two, a lot of the music crew all play as well so we often meet up for a go on something online!

Do go check out the mans music here :


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