Today I went to my local supermarket (Tesco). I noticed that they had a mobile phone and tablet section.

Being a fan of these things I had a browse around..

Salesman approaches me with his pitch for the latest Samsung phone and iPhone5.

He was a young guy and we got talking about iOS vs Android etc…turns out he has an iPhone but he was unaware that music apps have come of age.

Turns out we are both djs and he was trying to decide what CD’j’s to purchase.

I told him for £2.99 he should forget the hardware and install Traktor Dj on his iPhone.

He thought I was joking until I gave him a quick demo…

Five minutes later he was grabbing the app from the AppStore!!!

I think I just saved that guy a whole lot of money:)

Traktor Dj is the finest music app to grace the AppStore, ill tell you why very soon!


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