Once in awhile, an app will appear that wows! Only once in a while though as many developers are copying tried and tested methods, interfaces and general features.

Fingerlab, creators of the popular iOS drum machine app DM1, just released Musyc, which in essence is a generative music app.

It appears many bloggers fail to see the value of generative apps and dismiss them as “music toys”. The general mindset is that all music apps should be able to “spit bass”, make heavy beats and all that, is actually limiting the very scope of music creation itself…

Some people like to create for the sake of creativity itself!

Musyc comes bundled with record and export features anyway so excerpts from recordings could very well be used in experimental electronic compositions.

Put it this way- a range of infinite possibilities exists in generative composition, far more so than any other style of music.

A quick study of Brian Enos work will testify to that.

A non linear approach and expectation is required and a serious paradigm shift of what music “could be” rather than “should be” would help persons appreciate apps such as Musyc and it’s predecessors such as nodebeat and mixtikl.

Musyc stands at the very top of generative apps for many reasons:

The interface is amazing and the animations superb.

There are simple but effective elements that, when combined, create such abstraction that its a joy to watch and hear when one is using the app.

One can tweak the effects easily WHILE recording due to the convinient interface.

And so much more…

The essence of the app is simple- you draw lines, choose shapes ( each one represents a different sound or instrument ), manipulate some settings and let the objects collide and affect each other in infinite ways.

What you are doing is actually allowing a stream of infinite potential to enter into the recording.

Just sit back, watch and listen and be amazed!

This is what happens when one lets go of the tendency to want to control everything- miracles can indeed happen!

So much can be said about Musyc but this is one of those apps that is best to discover for oneself.

It is not a music toy, rather it is a tool for discovery and appreciation for spontaneity.

Such things are sorely needed in this day and age and I applaud Fingerlab for taking the time to create this app.

The basic version is free and is already incredible as is, a further £2.49 will take you beyond incredible!

AppStore link is here:


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