For the many years I’ve been listening to music, I can say that very few albums stay with me. I like a lot of music but much of it can be forgotten.

Once in awhile, an album will surprise and get repeated plays and even out of those, fewer still stay the course.

Many electronica fans will agree that Future Sounds of Londons album “life forms” is a classic and I’m about to tell you about a forthcoming album that is just as good!

My friend Tidal over at Advection Records sent me “Timeless Travellers”, a collaborative album between Bassflo & Ziyal, two legends of the atmospheric drum and
bass scene in the UK.

Atmospheric dnb was borne out of the “intelligent drum and bass” movement which could be attributed to the efforts of LTJ Bukem, one of the original dnb pioneers.

Many saw the need for an alternative sound to the hardcore that was dominating the warehouses and clubs, a deeper, more soulful alternative.

I didn’t take this alternative myself, I succumbed to the darkside, and it was only in recent years that my tastes slowly started to mellow.

After reconnecting with old friend Aural Imbalance and developing deep friendships with others of his kind such as Movement in Sound, Blok one, Okee etc…I started to pay closer attention to the music they were creating.

Within no time I started to suspect that there was far more to this deeper style than met the ear originally.

The deeper side of dnb actually invokes a kind of meditative state in the listener, it’s not just “dance music” , it has a certain quality to it that engages and pleases the mind.

It inspires.

The culmination of my suspicion arrived with my first listen to “Timeless Travellers”.

Within the albums 20 tracks you are taken on a journey, such a sublime journey that it escapes words actually.

For the longest time I wanted, needed an album like this…

Bassflo & Ziyal are true masters of multilayered production that it boggles my mind. As an aspiring producer myself, I pay attention to structure, flow, feel, depth and so many other things.

I found this album truly flawless and stunning.

It’s not just drum and bass, despite that being the genre many will identify it is. It is also ambient, epic, tribal, trance like, world groove, so much in one album that one wonders if its drum and bass at all!

Such is the skill of Bassflo & Ziyal, they have taken a genre and in my opinion changed the rules entirely while keeping it true to the original junglist conception.

It is a true journey into sound that lovers of any electronic genre owe it to themselves to experience!

I feel over the next few months that these artists and labelsI’m featuring will collectively uplift the worlds dance floors given the chance:)

Humanity is at a crossroads, we all know that, feel that, but we still need to engage our senses.

So engage your senses courtesy of the two amazing “Timeless Travellers” – Bassflo & Ziyal!

You owe it to your ears:)

You can pre order and listen to some of the album here:



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