Blok One is a “deep roller”. That is to say, he makes the kind of DnB that is more true to the original junglist conception.

He makes the deep atmospheric stuff but with a subtle darker/ tougher edge while not giving in to the dark side.

I struck up a friendship with him and its clear that there are deep spiritual feelings behind his music.

Here’s what he has to say!

1-tell us a bit about your music background

Well, I am immersed in the depth of spiritual, soulful, peaceful and emotive aesthetics of jungle music and bass music.

I find them like my playground and liberation from almost everything, there I find the best way to express my self, I really believe my soul speaks through the creations I make with these aspects I mentioned.

2-past and present influences ?

My influences from the past, there´s a lot of glam rock & heavy metal music thanks to my brother and sisters, but among all they showed me to listen.

I grew love for this band called: Faith No More, and at 93-94 i fell in love with Rage Against The Machine, that took me to hook up with hardcore metal, hardcore punk, something I still enjoy listening.

But also in those years abut 95-98 a dear friend of mine from our graffiti crew showed me at his home some tunes he downloaded from audiogalaxy, voila! was Demon´s Theme part II from Bukem, then he showed me Atlantis , and I was shocked!

So, I asked him: where did you get this music ? he answered: I discovered from some Sasha links and tunes, and I asked him: what´s the name of this music?


Epic moment, so I started searching for drum&bass music at audiogalaxy and discovered Photek, Photek as Aquarius and Sentinel, Hive´s Devious Methods, Boymerang´s Balance Of The Force, lots of Squarepusher and AFX, Orbital, FSOL, Dark Soho, Infected Mushroom, Pascal, Dieselboy, E-Sassin, Grooverider, Goldie, Seba, SImon Postford, Tortoise, Kronos Quartet, Clint Mansell, Calyx, Teebee, Peshay,Talvin Singh, Mouse On Mars, Adam F, etc, and of course any amen things and ambient music.

And my current influences I think remain the same from the past, and lately BassFlo, Nemanoe, Okee, Tidal, Orange & Blue, Aural Imbalance, Seba, Parhelia, Ziyal, Joakuim, and my amazing daughter. I still love listening metal music, all smooth and chilled jazz is very welcome for me, i love instrumental hip hop too, I try to find inspiration at everything.

3-what are your favourite tools for production?

….well, my imagination and my reflection moments, and computer and software and speakers hahaa.

4-all time favourite song/ artist?

a) Epic – Faith No More
b) Daughter – Pearl Jam
c) Know Your Enemy – Rage Against The Machine
d) Still Loving You – Scorpions
e) Soul Beat Runna – Boymerang
f) The Water Margin – Photek
g) Dancing With Kadafi – Infected Mushroom, and the list goes on…

5-future goals for your music ?

I would love to keep spreading my music across the globe, and maybe play out of my continent someday, meet you guys and make this friendship and musical collaborations grow stronger and deeper.

6-tell us about the deep sense of spirituality behind your music

I truly believe when I make music I am talking to the universe, sending offerings, laments, wishes, desires, sadness, regrets, love..
…everything depending on what I am passing through at the moment of creation, I have experienced real deep moments when I close my eyes composing some chords and pads, the universe responds to me via my inner guidance.

Since I ´ve experienced these lucid moments I am more interested and in love with God as I conceive it ( him or she or both ). I´m also a Pantheist.

7- what is good about today’s music?

It’s very hard to find real good music these days..

8-what is bad about today’s music scene and how can it be changed

I don´t have an answer for you, I don’t ´want to be rude or denigrate other´s creations, but what I must say, it´s that most of today´s music I just don´t feel it.

I would like to tell other producers to be honest with what they do, not only make “hits” and “party smashers”, soul is required, i mean it´s music, but this is only my point of view.

9- how can we heal the world?

With us out of it hahaha, no, seriously, sometimes I see it as utopian and I don´t want to sound hopeless, but I also believe in cosmos, depending on our actions and transforming energy.

We can heal our planet, and also there´s this amazing project from Jacques Fresco called: The Venus Project, seriously I don´t know why the worldwide leaders are waiting to get involved….

Go here to hear the masters work:

and for bookings/ bio go here


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