Okee is a deep drum and bass artist hailing from Serbia.

I’ve been checking out the deeper, more atmospheric side of dnb and researching its key artists. As Okee releases some material with my friends at Cadence records, I checked out his cosmic ( literally) brand of music.

So we got talking and I found him very very open and good natured (seems to be a common trait amongst the deep heads), and he sent me some music ( which will be featured in a forthcoming mix ).

The interview below has been only mildly edited to preserve the original energy and delightful enthusiasm from the man himself!

But first, his official bio:

S.Oljaca otherwise known as Okee, is a well recognised music producer hailing from Serbia. Inspired by deep space travelling and futuristic soundscapes, he has been a long supporter of deep atmospheric drum ‘n’ bass for more than decade. As a DJ,Okee helped organise a series of events with a group called “Cosmic Sessions”. These nights created a great response from the audience, and help develop the local deep drum ‘n’ bass scene in early 2000. Showering the crowd with sounds of Bukems Good Looking Records and Sub – labels like Looking Good, Ascendant Grooves, Nexus Records from the late 90’s.
Over the time,Okee has focused more on his own music creating deep atmospheric drum ‘n’ bass. Okee seeks inspiration from the universe and deep space explorations,bringing you more
of that atmospheric space sound from the unforgettable late 90’s.
Watch this space for more deepness from the original Stargazer…

1- tell us about your musical background

My interest in music began very early in my life, not to mention how I was growing mid-90s in Serbia at that time, then the state system and the policies that led then to Serbia!

I listened to underground radio stations and I have to admit I was growing as a rocker, hard core guy, at that time I was listening to all genres of music that had a strong influence on me, and this has led to my desire to become a guitarist, and as it happened a story you can imagine and I, now there were bands, rehearsals, gigs, joking around ..haha crazy time for sure!

With all this messing around, I started to listen to other genres of music , but that came by itself one by one, as the Blues, along with listening to Jazz and tried as much as I could to catch the artists of the time, and Funk, ha, I knew to jam with the band in rehearsals to play Funk improvising lot of times.

It was quite a party in a small room that was intended for the bands rehearsal!

In this way I found my interest in drum & bass music, so I had a chance to hear the Logical Progression 3 with MC Conrad & Intense Live broadcasting on one of state radio stations.

I was delighted listening to it at the time, stunned!
Of course , immediately on my mind, how to find what I’m hearing…

I soon heard about LTJ Bukem and famous Good Looking/Looking Good Records,Ascendant Grooves,Nexus Records,and a revealing story really starts for me.

I became addicted to this music! and so one day i had a rehearsal with the band and i told my buddy who played the drums, to try out and play Amen Break or something like that, and to my satisfaction, I was in awe when he started pounding drum & bass beat on those drums, not much lasted until I did and I turned on the Korg guitar processor with a lot of mixed sounds that are not at all reminiscent of the sound of the guitar,happy we were because we had an excellent bass player who has worked a skill of good jamming on the bass guitar,and so I was in!

2- what inspires you to make deep atmospheric music?

I have to admit that even as a little boy I was interested in the stars and the sky, and as such, I immediately went to research- go to the library, looking for friends , books on astronomy, tried even then to talk to people about it and establish some of the constellations back then.

I think space exploration at that time had the strongest impression, and space itself an indication of my sound and what I’m trying to describe with my music.

3-what are your past and present influences?


,DeepSpaceExplorations,the Universe itself,which still holds me in awe when we speak about its influence,planet earth and everything whats happening on this little rock.

Im constantly thinking about other worlds, life on other planets, such questions can actually get you to begin to deal with Deep atmospheric music.

4-favourite artists right now?

So many things happening right now on Drum & bass scene,so many musical people,new talented artists,and lots of record labels,and its all good. let me name a few:

Advection Music records,Omni Music,Rotation Deep,Reminiscence Audio from Serbia great young drum&bass label run by good friends of mine,Oddyssey Records,Cosmic Origins,Soul Ridaz records,Cadence records which they recently celebrate 15 birthday of the label,watch out for Secrets of the Sun records,Monochrome from Poland,and Good News Boppers.
favorite artists are people with whom I made contact last couple of years, and having collaboration projects with such legends like Pete Parsons,DJ Trax,Aural Imbalance,Tidal,Eschaton,Kytel,Galaxi,Dr Freebs,Blokone Rainforest,Parhelia,Thesis,DJ Blade,Noble Sense,Dave Hoax,Kicbea,Nemanoe,Mr Moon,Melos,Najeem S,Psyko Konceptor ,Zengineers,Self Definition,Atmodisiac,hope I didnt forgot someone to mention,oh yes,my favorite two Dj’s at the mo MR. Jay Le Roc and Ivan Gogoski Breaksta,massive shouts to all I have mentioned!

5-what are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future? who have it these days?!

My plan from the start was to bring up those reminiscent sounds from the past,from golden era,mid 90’s,I missed those,thats why I started to play with a sound like its deep atmospheric drum & bass,people from that time used to call it Intelligent drum & bass,well anyway call it like you want I missed that beautiful sound,so the plan is to keep alive that particular style of music,deep atmospheric drum & bass.

6-what is important to consider for deep music production?


A very open mind, imagination, planetary connection, the ability to love and create art, from a human point of view to know what is great, to be emotional, and definitely be aware of where you at and who you really are!

7-favourite production tools?

All that come into my hands! really love playing with a sounds!
People and friends with who I have been working with or worked with before can tell you that,music is my first love. it doesnt matter which or what tools you use,if it has a soul its all right,there is no time to question it or talking about it!

8-how can we heal the planet?

Wow-now thats the real question!

All those who want to know it has been learned that at this moment it is impossible to do anything about it, I hope that the course that started great awakening people still present, those who really care are terribly in small number,and Im one of those people, but they are aware of global poisoning of Earth in any way, they know that means I’m talking about!

To heal the earth we must cease to destroy it, we must be aware of what it means to us, and it should wake us up!

Here are some links to check this great guy and his music out!



You will note mention of “Advection”, you’ll hear much more about them very soon:)


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