Ste Gould, co owner of Cadence/Within records, had a few minutes to spare during the hectic preparations for their 15th birthday bash in Torquay tommorow.

ZL-15 years of cadence is a milestone!

There must have been highs and lows, do you want to share them


Yeah there certainly has…we always remain positive even in challenging times. It was difficult when we were flying in the early days selling a healthy volume of 12″s & our distributer went down which was unfortunate as they were arguably the best at the time within the Dnb genre.

Ultimately though we restructured & survived 🙂 the positive is definitely showing now as things are rapidly growing as an international collective of artists bloggers fans & promoters & most importantly the quality of music coming through is epic.

ZL- The big birthday party looks amazing, tell those who are “considering ” coming WHY they should come


Basically it’s a tribal calling to all the people that like deep emotive music.
We’re celebrating 15 years of music on our drum n bass label Cadence & the music getting dropped is as fresh as you can get.

Aural imbalance bass Flo tidal & orange n blue are all road testing exclusive cuts. It’s going to be friendly vibes & a creative no ego environment & the music will take you take you into deep emotive territory!

ZL- You have some amazing artists on the label and an amazing standard of sound- define the sound!


Deep & emotive drum n bass that communicates universally on a positive inspirational level. Haha

ZL- What can we expect for the next 15 years of cadence?


Its incredible to think what could happen..Loads and loads of amazing new music from all 4 corners of the planet & lots more events. Cadence recordings on tour & the birth of many more new concepts .

ZL- Apart from you and Chris, I’m sure there are others behind the scene that deserve shout outs! Who are they and why?


All of the artists & producers on the label. A special shout out to Simon Day Aka Orange n Blue as he has a real design talent & helps us look as good as the music sounds by taking care of our artwork & digital identity.

Also the fans who keep us buzzing by supporting the music. The fans are a part of the label ultimately.

Go to www.movementinsound.com

For general info and if you are in Torquay or near, please do go check out this exclusive event!


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