Within Records is a bespoke label of unsurpassed quality.

Based in Torquay UK, Within is run by Ste and Chris who also run the Cadence label.

As with the drum and bass on Cadence, Within focuses on deep, emotive, hypnotic and atmospheric grooves, but of the house kind.

Supported by the likes of John Digweed, Nick Warren and Sasha, Within is quality that cannot be ignored.

Artists such as Inspired Mindz, Aural Imbalance and Deep Space Organisms ( and more that we will introduce you to over time ), can be found on the label.

From the very beginning, the focus has been of the highest quality and I can vouch for that having heard many of their releases.

The production is crisp, the depth is amazing and the overall mood coming from the label is a welcome antidote to the harsh, negative stuff that is so prominent these days.

This is music you can dance or dream to..highly advise you don’t drive to it as you’ll run the risk of missing a red light or two!!!

Many of my forthcoming mixes on my upcoming podcast series will be laced heavily with stuff on Within.

Movement in Sound have supported this blog from the start, and I’m proud to represent them in my own humble way.

I assure you a brief visit to their site to check out the sounds will not disappoint.

I’ve found a home for my head and heart, it is deep “Within”.

Search no further if you like your music deep and stay tuned for news of forthcoming releases and events from the kings of the English riviera!



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