Martin Neuhold is an old school kind of fellow! Not in the rave sense, but in the folk/rock/downtempo sense.

This is a good thing in the age of wobbles and slicked back hair Dj culture!

We have been assisting Martin a little and I have to say his sound is very unique, therapeutic and immersing.

Martin is German but his music is world centric ..

As he produces his work on an iPad, I became interested, but many producers lack the professional polish that Martin has. So with that in mind I supported him strongly and enjoy his music and attitude very much:)

So here is some words from the man himself:

1- please tell us your Music background : training, influences, experience etc..

Musically, I am an eighties/seventies child. I always liked to discover music, and I started my journey with seventies prog (early Genesis, Camel, Pink Floyd), discovered early electronica like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream.

Later , I went more into rock, I discovered Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. At the moment, one of my big interests is ethnic music from all over the world. (this interest started with Peter Gabriels Passion).

When I get to a foreign country, I always have to buy local music.
So much for the influences (though there area lot more). I started making music a long, long time ago- first I took some piano lessons (which I didn’t really like, but today it helps me a lot for composing on the iPad), then I picked up the guitar at the age of 14.
A little later I started my own songs and began to play in a band. Other bands followed and I started to write songs in bavarian (southern germany) language.

I had a bit of success with those, a famous bavarian artist (Konstantin Wecker) even featured one of those songs on his facebook page. I played concerts with those songs (still do) but about two years ago it felt like I had reached the end of a road. I had no new ideas, you may call it “writers block”.

Then I bought a used iPod and started playing with it. I stumbled across nanostudio and saw the chance to go back to my roots and go in the direction of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Peter Gabriel’s Passion.

2- your music is very deep, especially considering its electronic based, why did you choose the mellower side of electronica?

I don’t really know, it’s just what comes out of me. One reason might be, that my influences are mellower, too. But the main reason is: it just happens that way. I love to make music somewhere in nature, on peaceful, quiet places, or on places that have a “magic” feel. And these sorroundings flow into my music.

Maybe I should try out creating something on an overcrowded railway station to get a different result…

3-when making music, what inspires the process, do you set out with an idea of the track you want to make or does it just happen?

I like to compare it to planting a tree, taking care for it and letting it grow. First, there is a seed, a loop, a melodic phrase, something like that. Then I plant it into Intua beatmaker and let it grow. Ideas are coming, some are good, some need to be cut away (like rotten parts of a tree). Sometimes trimming is needed, because there are too many branches.

And after some time, the tree is fully grown and looks good. That’s when the track is finished.

One important thing is, that you can’t force a tree to grow. It just happens. Whenever I try to force a track in a certain direction, the results don’t satisfy me. And there are times when nothing is growing to. It’s hard to accept that, but I can’t change it.

4-you recently adopted the use of iOS, why?

Maybe it’s more that iOS adopted me, because it happened by accident (I got that iPod) .

I like the possibilities of iOS: the mobility, the touchpad, that lets you express things you just can’t do with a keyboard (for example in thumbjam). And: You can take your music anywhere, a beach in Crete, a lake in the mountains, that’s just great and definetely mor inspiring than sitting in front of a PC at home.

5-iOS is still seen as a hobbyist thing, yet you are making credible music with an iPad? How can iOS artists better promote their craft?

I think it takes time, until new developments are recognized as serious art. It was the same with the electric guitar (Bob Dylan got booed of the stage for taking up an wlectric guitar), early synthesizers or first steps of electronica.

Part of the problem is, that people know that it is easy to sound cool on iOS. You just start the figure or yellofier app, twist some knobs, and it sounds great.

But to get deep and real music, you have to go the same sometimes long, sometimes hard way you have to go on any other instrument or setting.

But if we make real and deep music on iOS, people will recognize this at some stage. It took rock music a while, until the beatles or dylan came, to get recognized as real art and notjust entertainment. It will be the same with iOS.

Someone, a virtuoso, will come and show the general public the richness of iOS Music, like Eric Clapton did with the electric guitar. And to promote our craft we maybe have to try to become that virtuoso, not going down the easy road, but creating real and deep music.

That’s what a lot of us are already doing, so, the breakthrough might just be a corner away.

6- what are your goals for your Music?

First of all, I’d love it to be listened to. It makes me feel real good when I see in a comment on soundcloud for example that something I made has touched somebody. This is one of the greatest pleasures.

At the moment, I’m working on an album that melts mellow electronica with world music samples. First results are the amera e.p. and dunluce on bandcamp.

When that album’s ready, it would be great to have it released in a way that not only gets recognized by the iOS scene, but also by the general public.

It doesn’t have to be big (although I have nothing against it) but to get people who are not part of the iOS scene to listen to my tracks and perhaps to touch one or the other with it would be really great.

Thanks Martin! Some amazing insights!!

You can check out his music here:


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