The “Castaway ” podcast mix series was conceived today after reflecting on a comment by Movement in Sound on my Aural Imbalance teaser mix (link included below).

Music with “no destination”, that is not in a hurry, nor is it intended to do anything other than “keep you travelling”.

Society and culture has a serious problem in the sense that they are designed to make you focus on politics, ego, fame, accumulation and all that.

Our spiritual essence is lost and we, as a whole have been fragmented.

We have lost our focus on the present- the “now”, and the “suchness” and “isness” of the moment.

My recent discovery of the “deep movement of sound culture”, is a small miracle for me, it has helped me in many ways, personally and professionally. I have also joined forces with labels and artists who are fast becoming valued friends.

They send me tracks, give of their friendship and support unconditionally, and I wish to reciprocate.

Sure, I can blog and raise awareness, and promote in other ways, but how can I best represent such artists and labels sonically?

I can produce tracks, but that will take time to realise due to the pressures of my new living situation. But as a long standing Dj and journalist, I can combine both!

Hence “The Castaway Podcast Mix series”…

The idea is that fortnightly ( maybe even weekly), I will host a mix on my soundcloud showcasing the talents of artists and labels that I support.

Their stature goes right up to the top of the food chain and I feel privileged to be associated with them.

Each mix will be designed to take you to a far away place, you are drifting and end up in a still, eternal place, pretty much like a “castaway” on a peaceful deserted island somewhere 🙂

If you make deep music, do send it to me for consideration. You can contact me via this blog or, on twitter : @zaclaurent1

and the soundcloud account of the same name…

Next week we kick off the series with exclusive tracks by Okee and some new ones from Movement in Sound.

To give you a taste of what’s in store, check out my mix of Aural Imbalance here:



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