Devobots is an app that falls into the “music toy ” category.

Usually we only feature apps aimed at production but, there are several reasons for me posting about this one:

1-the needs of our kids, I’m starting a kids tag..

2- it’s a very clever app with some creative and educational value ( especially for kids )

3- sometimes we need a break from creativity aimed at a professional result and just need to have some shameless fun!

4-some people have publicly slammed this app and accused the developer of cheating persons who donated to the relevant kick starter project simply because they are charging for the app, and have in app purchases.

The app seems to have gone free for awhile anyway and the developer told me in person that he planned on giving his supporters promocodes anyway, so I’ve no idea why there was an uproar.

As mentioned, this app is a music toy, a bit of fun and is not intended to be seen as anything other than that.

The gist is you choose body parts and assemble a robot and mess around with samples- that’s it!

I tried it, works fine and is fun. Better still, my five year old son enjoys it very much!

I’m all for music apps that get the kids involved in the creative process.

My son has tried many music apps and enjoys them, and I enjoy seeing him playing them.

Devobots is a simple and fun app and, I feel the developer is justified in his process. As a new iOS developer I encourage him to make the apps how he chooses ( as I do with any developer) and to try and make a living from it.

The AppStore is a place where people do business and we would do well to remember that:)

So go and have some robotic fun, grab the app while its free! Your kids will thank you and so will your inner child!

Attached is a photo of my son clearly pleased with his creation:)

Devobots can be downloaded here!


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