I’ve made some great new friends recently, as well as reconnected with some old ones.

This has resulted in my own personal direction becoming more specific and also more supported by others.

Up until now, this blog has been focused mostly on iOS apps, and, while it has been great, we are focusing more on the results that such apps provide and, tuning in to artists ( regardless of platform used), and their output.

I’m lucky as I have access to some great music and even better, the amazing people behind the production.

I started out as a Dj, and turned my attention toward production some years back. It appears that my love for mixing tracks has resurfaced stronger than ever!

So, I am focusing this blog a lot more on my own output ( mixes/ production and digital art), and that of the key artists and labels that I work closely with.

Expect more content related to output generated and less on how!

The tools and techniques are secondary to the final product and should not be evangelised to suit ones relative consideration of “what is the best”.

Of course, if new tools- be they apps/ hardware or software appear that take our fancy, they will be featured here!

I have a few tracks in the works and am being sent exclusive tracks by those that I support.

As a journalist, I want to share the cutting edge, and that is what you will get.

So, stay tuned! We have some exclusive interviews with big names in the works and tons of amazing music to share with you..

While me do mention iOS related issues on occasion, we are not restricted to that- we are more world-centric in our mindsets and content.

Here is a little sample of the kind of thing we will be focused on more often, an exclusive sampler mix of my good friend Aural Imbalance…


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