Aural Imbalance on NanoStudioForgive our silence, been busy on other projects…anyway, here is an extra special track of the week , again by good old Aural Imbalance, but this one is a little different…

This is AI using Nanostudio which is widely hailed as the most versatile music app for iOS! So this track was done on his iPhone and it was his first try, and is a lot better than a lot of seasoned Nanostudio users material – it has a solid groove, perfect song structure and very original melodic and floaty shenanigans abound!

Aural imbalance is a globally respected dj and producer, focusing mostly on atmospheric dnb and progressive house type tracks. He blames me for turning him into an app addict but its not my fault!!!! Honest:)

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the man himself!

To buy AI music and other goodies:

And do check his soundcloud out too:

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