20130416-132822.jpgPeople know I have a special fondness for the wavetable creations from Wolfgang Palm. I have released several soundscapes using his apps that were likely the most well received of all my works.

PPG MINIMAPPER is in essence a slightly scaled down version of the iPad WAVEMAPPER. It does mostly what WAVEGENERATOR does but in a more intuitive way. It’s halfway toward being “wavetable synthesis for dummies”! But it is still a very professional piece of gear and advanced synthesis can still be had from it.

It is my conviction that Wolfgang created WAVEMAPPER for those that didn’t “get” WAVEGENERATOR. Some people were bewildered by the sheer amount of settings of the latter and in one extreme case, an amateur producer trashed it publicly saying it didn’t work. It was later revealed that said producer uses loops to create his work and relies on presets.

So it could be said that Wolfgang creates advanced synths for people that know what they are doing. What an act of kindness then to create an app that makes the process of wavetable synthesis fun and achievable by all? Not only that, he has made an iPhone version at a very affordable price.

Most of the features in the iPad version are in the iPhone version and the UI has been tweaked to make navigation a breeze. The XY pads in mini mapper are a joy and the large amount of presets are a joy indeed. iPhone owners do not hesitate, the frequency of apps being released for us is becoming lesser, and this synth will definatly satisfy!

I did a quick demo:

And for everything you need to possibly know about the app go here:

  • This app has a straight 10/10 rating from myself, it is the very best iPhone synth money can buy.
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