20130415-140831.jpgCurious title eh? Well, let me explain myself!

The past few years have seen me become more eclectic in my tastes and production styles. I’ve been into electronica all my life and have gone through all conceivable genres.

I’ve engaged in the genres on every level and made ( and lost) many friends along the way. I lost some friends simply because I didn’t remain exclusively loyal to a genre I happened to be immersed in.

In some circles, it’s just not cool to listen to genres outside of ones own main one. Needless to say, I think at least 70 percent of music people I know ( and I know a lot, from all sections of the food chain), suffer from tunnel vision ( or tunnel hearing). This is not a critique of them, despite my hobo nature, I’m glad to say that most have remained close friends. But it has to be said also, that we are not cavemen! That is to say that we must rise above the tribalistic mentality ( cause of much war), and broaden our horizons.

I’m not saying a classical music fan must suddenly get into dubstep here! Rather, a classical fan could just merely be open to the idea that other things may taste good ( variety is the spice of life ).

For at least two decades ( that’s 20 years and at least a third of ones life usually), I was listening to chosen genres exclusively. I felt the peer pressure and was scared to stray. But I remember fondly that at one period of my teenage years, I had three sets of mates:

  • The hip hop kids
  • The rock gangs / bikers
  • And the ravers

None of them liked each other, but I liked all of them and had to timeshare myself between mates!!!

Now, by some stroke of luck, the hip hop and rock people all became ravers and the problem was solved! Long hair and leather jackets were discarded and big fat shoe laces and flat top haircuts also disappeared. But, ravers also became tribalistic and sub genres were born, each with their own slang, dress code and gangs.

Warehouses and fields slowly were phased out and the clubs became the stomping grounds. Even then, the trendy ravers further divided into sub factions and we see the extreme example of the “Tiesticle” fans all trying to look like models and hanging out on the beach. Dubstep rose to prominence and a grungy gangsta image manifested as a counter to the “holier than though”, super slick trancers.

So what is going on?

In my mind, it’s a disease, and actually it’s not the music fans fault. It’s societies and the educational systems! We are taught to be loyal to country, culture demands we follow one football team and our leaders insist we are the greatest nation on earth ( especially America ).

So, tunnel vision and extreme loyalty and self image are indoctrinated from birth almost.

In my own case, a few years ago, my brother introduced me to a whole load of music that I would have previously shunned. Much of it I didn’t like, some of it I really did though.

The excercise proved fruitful and I now like quite a variety of music. That also led me to investigate the cultures behind the music, the lives of the artists and what the fans are like. Rather quickly, I became a citizen of planet earth. I was not restricted to one bunch of mates or even my country.

I have a global readership, a humble but international following on soundcloud and many many friends whom I correspond with almost daily. I also have serious connections with record labels, djs and artists who represent almost every conceivable genre and we respect each others differences but, focus on the energy of love for the music.

If you are reading this, I’m not saying you should like all music, I’m just saying that there are many flavours to be experienced. Some you will like, some you will hate, but what if you find something you love?? That something eluded you because you blocked the experience from yourself.

Do yourself a huge favour and enjoy the varieties that life has to offer : )

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  1. Man, you’re so damn right with what you are saying here. There’s so much good music to be dicovered, of any genre. I always liked many different kinds of music, be it folk, pop, country, metal, electronica. And my mates were quite bewildered (they were mor of the grunge and rock type) when I went to raves and the ravers looked at me strange, because I looked like a rocker…but it’s all one thing, it’s MUSIC, one of the greatest pleasures there are.
    So, everyone, go out, leave your comfort zone, listen to Miles Davis if you’re into Dubstep, listen to early Genesis if you’re into Black Metal, listen to Johnny Cash if you’re into Ambient…LISTEN!

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