This week I’ve heard a lot of music from new iOS artists that use real instruments as well as add vocals to the tracks (as exemplified in my latest track of the week). This is refreshing as its a good example of what can be done above and beyond repeating played out dance music as many do.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of decent cutting edge electronica made with iOS apps but it drowns in a sea of repetitiveness and rush jobs.

I have a broad taste in music so any new approach with iOS immediately catches my attention, and we will feature it heavily here. Also, my friend Clif has launched what could be the strongest online presence of iOS artists and developers:

I encourage everyone to check it out and read/ join in the discussions.

Clif, like myself, is an experimentalist and his music is astounding. I’ll be sure to feature his output and share key posts from his blog. I never post on other forums but have felt encouraged to do so on Clif’s new one:

Have a read of it, in the article I share my vision of what could be the next level of music which of course, needs next level apps to facilitate it.

Expect more cutting edge iOS musings within the next 24 hrs (with the help of another iOS artist or two!)

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