Sad but true…iPhone music apps are few and far between these days. Developers and users prefer the bigger iPad screen it seems, and I can fully understand.

Most of us started on iPhones/ iPod Touches and many of us have both types of device. It seems the iPad mini has not been that popular for music makers, but likely quite a few will use that device for music making.

However, quite a few people want to continue using a smaller device, especially considering they are less conspicuous when one is out and about. What to speak of being more portable. Some developers will continue on with iPhone/ Universal apps but the general trend is toward iPad apps.

If, like me, you have a “micro studio” fetish, please do contact developers and request iPhone versions of apps, because they need to hear that such apps are still relevant. As for me personally, I’m very happy with what is available for smaller devices and am not anxious for new apps. But…I’ve no problem trying out new temptations on ocassion:)

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