20130407-173510.jpgIt takes a lot to get me excited about new music apps these days. We’ve seen it all ( apart from a complete and able daw). Amplify, a forthcoming production/ collaboration app, proposes to enable artists to work together on music and share it with the world.

In an age of egocentricity and exclusiveness ( and stagnant genres ), collaboration will help reduce many social and professional problems. I’m discussing all potential issues related to Amplify with the developer and will post the result. But I for one am very happy that this forthcoming app shows an unprecedented initiative:)

I’ve maintained that no app can propose to be a game changer, and that people alone are, but if Amplify does what it says on the tin and encourages people to work together then I will happily take back my statement!

Go here for more info on this intriguing app!

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