smitemattercdOld friend Dave aka Smite Matter is one of the longest standing and most respected members of the iOS music community. He is also a blogger:

I encourage you to read his honest and very thorough blog aswell as check his iOS only music, for it is excellent. Smite Matter makes ambient music that is released on an indie label and he is likely the first iOS artist to do so. I asked him to comment on my previous post “iOS SOS” and he has done so and I include it here:

“I’m glad to see you blogging again. Very good article here, and yes, yes yes!

“They just need to release an iDAW that has it done right. Cubasis and Auria mixed into one merging their strengths would be welcome. Only ten doing it right? Uh oh….how am I doing? 😉 cheers Zac.”

In response, I never gave up blogging Dave, I just got me a new one that is more personal. A blog that directly represents me aswell as my interests, my thoughts and my own creative output…

I’m glad you agree that we need a mega DAW, we should not be bugging developers for midi or audiobus – they will add those things naturally if they are serious about selling apps. We don’t need to plaster blog comments or the AppStore and harass developers.

As you agree, we need a powerful daw, and that is what we need to present to developers above all else. One blogger said we are not taken seriously by non iOS producers and this is why! We as a whole need to present a quality finished product(s) for general release that surpass what has been done before, not 90s techno trance!!

If we claim that iOS apps are the future, we have to back it up with the music of the future! We surely have the tools, Wolfgangs synths, Magellan, Animoog, Sunrizer, Glitchbreaks, Samplr…gosh, few desktop products match that stuff!! It’s a case of the final product- sure audiobus can connect, but the daw thing…something gets lost in translation with the end product…

We should be able to assemble it all in the DAW, add the fades and fx in minute detail if needed and do the final mix down and BOOM! But no, most are in a hurry to rush it off to soundcloud and get their 100-200 plays and maybe 30 favouritings and a handful of comments from followers, but that is an exclusive consideration and not inclusive.

If we want global recognition of the true power of iOS music then we must slow down, work closer with developers ( and more politely as they have feelings too), and focus on the end product. Because the daw issue is not resolved its adding to the unproactive mindset and the result is a rush job and not imaginatively done.

When I say ten or less artists are doing it right, I mean out of those that I’ve heard. I’m sure I hear most of “the main players”, but I’m starting to zoom in on some that are not so known and don’t really mingle with the core iOS peeps. One guy produces full tracks on Nanostudio alone (mastering and all) without pasting in from other apps and its astounding. You cannot even recognise any of the Eden presets and the drums are perfectly compressed!

There are some artists like Apapdop, Carbonish, Martin Neuhold, yourself and a few others , that do not go the generic route and are carving their own signature sound that is far removed from what everyone else’s work. And it’s non repetitive. They/ you, will not release more than one or two tracks per month and the end result is a unique and polished product.

THAT is proper representation of iOS! And what will encourage “pros” to use or endorse apps, what to speak of encouraging developers to push future apps forward.

I’ve been pushing these points for years and its got me into trouble, but you know what? This benefits everyone:

  • Developers/ users/ bloggers should work together to ensure all the features of apps are fully operational and stable.This can be achieved by honest and polite communication ( sore issues should be dealt with out of the public eye).
  • The users should ensure their own final product is as best as it can be.
  • Developers should be clear about what their own goals for apps should be from the start.
  • Bloggers should always consider what should be presented that reflects the interests of both user and developer while bearing in mind the effect of any statement has on “outsiders “.
  • The end result is that more apps will be sold ( developers make more money), we get better apps to use, and curious people who are contemplating taking the plunge into iOS music have a better impression of all concerned, thus they feel more confident in the process, product and result.

Now, if app sales increase due to increasing customer levels, likely the prices will stay low, developers will be able to afford to pay for much needed advertising as a result. Amateur iOS artists will be exposed to a bigger audience and reap those benefits too : )

If one thinks about how many idevices that are in operation, then one sees that there is an unprecedented market to be tapped into! My dearest wish is to see a globally known artist make a complete iOS track. For the most part such people think the only benefit is advanced “controllerism”.

Hope this makes sense Dave and thanks for your reply!

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