Recently there has been a slowing down of major music apps appearing in the AppStore. Mostly it’s about Audiobus updates to old and new apps, and rightly so as many audiobus fans want to use all the ( considerable ) apps they own. So it could be said that the issue at present is one of CONNECTIVITY. But, then what?

We have so many decent apps of many kinds and it seems there is a repetition of the same theme as far as synths and drum machines go. I’d say we certainly don’t need many more synths or drum apps but what we need is…

  • A solid DAW that does it all, preferably with decent built in instruments for those of us that really don’t like to spend extra time multitasking or connecting stuff together.

Developers take note- especially if you want to make some decent money and rule the roost:

  • Study all the present iOS daws, look at each ones strengths and weaknesses and dump the latter.
  • Bring all the right elements needed for a fully functional daw together in one app.
  • Charge what you like for it because it will sell like hot cakes!

So this is the iOS SOS! We need a great DAW…

  • We have Auria but many find the UI clumsy and it has no midi.
  • We have Cubasis but its fx are static.
  • We have Nanostudio but it doesn’t have audio tracks or audiobus and the outdated wifi nano sync really has to go.
  • We have GarageBand but the built in fx and sampler keyboards cannot be automated.
  • And we have Beatmaker 2 but for some it’s clumsy and the fx are poor.

The price of all of those DAWs is less than £100 combined and most of us serious iOS artists have all of them. Most desktop DAWs cost much more than £100 actually and the newer devices can easily host a touchscreen version.

So what’s the problem? Design a DAW with a simple and clean UI. Throw in the basic fx and ensure all necessary editing options are included from the outset. Don’t rush to get it in the AppStore, include the basics including all the in demand record and import / export features.

Sure add extra fx and even built in instruments as in app purchases.. This is why people want connectivity for all these apps via audiobus, because they can combine them and record them in a coherent manner. But, sequencing them properly is another laborious matter. Some use two to three DAWs AFTER audiobussing to finish a track even.

I listen to a fair bit of iOS music and to be fair, less than ten people are doing it right, most are releasing a few tracks per week and repeat themselves… Why?

Simply because they are not inspired to go beyond their comfort zone. A full DAW will help inspire people and.. Some amazing generative apps that can record and be added to audiobus such as the app I mentioned today – Sound Cells. But that is a subject for another post, one that is close to my heart actually:

“The need for more abstract music and production methods”

It really is time to go beyond the music that was made 5-10 years ago.. Stay tuned : )

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One Response to iOS SOS?

  1. David says:

    I’m glad to see you blogging again. Very good article here, and yes, yes yes! They just need to release an iDAW that has it done right. Cubasis and Auria mixed into one merging their strengths would be welcome. Only ten doing it right? Uh oh….how am I doing? 😉 cheers Zac.

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