20130403-141012.jpgLong time iOS friend and fellow iPad musician Carbonish replies to my “iOS music- process and results ” article:

“As I’m usually writing ‘out and about’ (and so dependant on iOS to provide me with tools I can use to do this), I’m firmly of the belief that we are still in the early days of app develepment and the abilities they can provide us with. Things like Audiobus and Jack are the start of the 2nd generation development, but there is far more to come.

“I use whatever I can to get what I want and yes, sometimes, its just not possible (yet). However this just encourages me to use the things I do have available to me in more unusual ways and often pushes my sounds and music in an unforseen (and often surprising) direction. If I wanted to sound like everything else I’d sit there using presets and sample packs and soon get pretty bored of it all.

“Because of my situation I usually only get an hour or so in any day to focus on the creation side of my tracks, giving me lots of time with it running through my head working out what could occur next, what to drop in or take out, and then fire up and hit what i need to when the chance comes.

“I really don’t think that hammering on at dev’s all the time helps the development of products, so many different things are wanted and the list of things to do runs the risk of drowning the dev, and imo the one thing that would kill all development is the dev drowning in requests, filtering in some and leaving what others deem necessary and STILL getting hammered for it! A demoralising job.

“There are lots of things I’d like to see happen, and I’m sure they will in time because it’s the logical development of what an ‘iOS studio should be doing, creating repeatable, editable performances and developing the quality of sound facilities. So far there is still only one real choice for that for me, and when something better comes along i’ll jump on board.

“But I bet I’ll still be ACP’ing samples til i’m a debauched OAP with a souped-up mobility scooter!”

Very wise words and I agree wholeheartedly, I especially agree that the current limitations actually inspire out of the box production methods (that often lead to pleasant surprises and results). And I certainly agree that “hammering away” at app developers in public forums is counterproductive, in fact it’s low class and cowardly.

I have always urged that users contact developers in private for raising concerns. It seems to me that there is a spoiled brat tendency amongst some and developers I know have told me that they would also rather have people email them.

It’s getting a bit monotonous seeing comments on blogs and the AppStore saying “no audiobus=fail”, from the handful of die-hards. We need to have respect for the developers too! If we treat them nicely and communicate in an adult way, highly likely they will heed our requests for further features / improvements. But as Carbonish said, iOS is still in its infancy and developers themselves are still learning new skills ( on the job training).

I know developers that have had apps out longer than two years and are still refining them! Many thanks for the feedback Dave.

Go check out the wierd, wild and very disturbing sonic world of Carbonish here!

And he has his own amazing blog which I highly recommend:

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