Boris Blank, the frontman of avant garde experimental electronica band Yello has released an app called “Yellofier”. It was developed by the same genius who gave us Audioshare.

Sceptics would initially perhaps think this was a “music toy” and yes it could be that, but as it has a number of decent fx and great export options, what to speak of rational sequencing capabilities, I’d say this is actually a very cool creative tool.

Now here is the app’s main purpose – you record ambient noises or your voice and the app chops that up for you ready for sequencing. There are other apps that do that too, but not as well.. Such sounds can then be sequenced to make rhythm sections or grooves/basslines etc..

This is very cool! You can then add elements of originality and intrigue to your productions or keep it all within the app as a totally unique composition! Your recordings can be opened in Audioshare or exported to soundcloud or projects can be shared with other users via email for remixing.

Please note that there is also a competition on soundcloud and all details are within the app. Best of all it’s free : ) so go grab it here:

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