A reader wrote me an email in response to my article and with her permission I’m posting it here along with my comments:

“Great article! I do love Audiobus and find it useful for many purposes but agree that it has not solved all our problems. It seems we have too many apps and are spoiled for choice and that might be part of the problem, deciding what to use in any particular instance.

“I don’t think we have a perfect app just yet specially not a daw, they all have strengths and weaknesses and not one of them has nailed it yet. iSequence could have been great but they stopped developing it. It could have been expanded in so many ways. I don’t like Nanostudio much as it only has midi, BeatMaker2 is good but I don’t like the fx much.

“I’m trying to decide about Auria or Cubasis right now, it doesn’t help I see conflicting reviews about both.”

My answer:

Yes it’s a shame about iSequence, I did hear from BeepStreet themselves that development might well have stopped on that one, but they are steady developers and I assure you more great apps will come from them in the near future. As far as Audiobus goes, I did have issues with it and the developers prior to release, mostly because I knew from the start that those with older devices would suffer with this app. And I was right.

However, Audiobus is great for jamming and “pre sequencing”, you can get some great combinations out of it, record it ( I recommend Cubasis ), and then one can cut/ trim to size and arrange/ sequence to suit. But I maintain that no app is a game changer, people were making full tracks prior to audiobus using daws standalone or with audio copy and paste.

I see no higher standard of production coming since the apps release though. I think it’s up to the user to be the game changer, to put many hours into a track, make it original and polished. It seems many want to publish many tracks in one week! One amateur producer said on his blog that he has to ensure he MAKES A FULL TRACK IN TWO HOURS, I mean who does that? Yet the same person dissed Auria hard and in the same article complained that artists that don’t use apps look down on iOS types.

I’m not surprised, especially with rants like that. Music production is a pleasure and why should it be rushed? Is there a competition to see who can release the most tracks? If you have Nanostudio and BM2, why not use them side by side? You can export from one to the other easily.

As far as Cubasis vs Auria, this is a tricky one due to the cost involved. I’d say Cubasis is the better sequencer and Auria would be better for mastering. The price asked for each app is cheap when you compare to desktop prices, it only looks high when in comparison to the other apps, this it’s relative..

If affordable, I’d say get both and make them work together.

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