20130327-155615.jpgReaders know that Glitchbreaks by Alex Matheu is one of my go-to apps of choice and has featured in many of my recent works. 

Indeed, Alex would discuss the conception of the app with me before he started working on it. He surprised me with presenting a working beta of the app within a very short time, then he released it to great acclaim from the iOS community and beyond.

If an app were to have cult status, this is the one! And I still maintain that Glitchbreaks stands out over and beyond all other beat making / mangling tools in the AppStore. Indeed, for less than the price of a beer, idevice owners can have a glitch / cutting / looping tool that rivals any desktop app both in style and ability.

That being said, here is what Alex himself has to say about the conception and application of the app..

“I came up with the concept for Glitchbreaks from using drum machines, loading loops on a few pads, then muting and un-muting the tracks. This gave me a way to juggle the break beats, as the loops would keep running, I could then re-sample that and have a new loop.

“This concept is what Glitchbreaks is built on, but instead of having to mute and un-mute a track simultaneously I thought it would be great to be able to just touch the pad to have it be soloed automatically. I would then take these new beats I created and chop them up manually making small looping sections in whichever DAW I was working in, to create my own glitches. I thought it would be great to have an app that I can do this all very quickly and be able to record it, and that is how Glitchbreaks was born.

“A lot of people can benefit from the app, it was intended to juggle and glitch breaksbeats, but can be used to juggle or glitch all sort of audio samples. It is all time based though, as it auto detects bpm by the length of the sample, then pitches the samples accordingly to match bpm.

“This feature can be disabled though, to let you work with odd time samples, that aren’t cut to specific bar lengths. Glitchbreaks has become more of an instrument, and is really fun to play, allowing you to quickly make new things from existing drum loops.

“It has enhanced production methods and workflow for many people, by simply making it easier to quickly create varying drum tracks from just a few samples, it is really easy to dive in and create some interestingly intricate beat work very quickly, allowing you to focus more on the feeling of the track you are writing, than to sit and manually cut up and glitch small chunks of audio.”

Go to the dedicated site for more info / purchase etc.

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