20130320-205513.jpgWell, many are toylike, but some of them are indeed splendid tools for live performance and serious production! Some iOS artists complain of lack of acceptance, but I’ve never felt the divide of which they speak…

Usually a good demo or video can prove the worth of an app and I share one below!

The app in question is called Triqtraq and has many built in samples and excellent effects. You can also import your own samples and loops via audio copy and paste from other apps. The reason I’m focusing on this app today is simply because I’m taking inventory of which apps I can use to make some serious dub reggae.

Dub Reggae is sometimes made live, adding beats, loops and fx automations “on the fly”, and as such, a “session” usually ends up being a track. Triqtraq is perfect for this, and all one needs to do is pick the samples or loops beforehand, set the bpm and go for it! Of course you can export sections and sequence in other apps, but for my present purposes this would take too long…so I’m going to record some sessions : )

The delay and filters on Triqtraq are excellent and the xy pads very responsive, so it should be fun!

Here is a video of the app in question, an excellent demo by the developer himself:

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