20130316-132500.jpgWe interviewed Pinklogik in our previous blog after being highly impressed with her music. Pinklogik aka Jules is based in Bristol and makes amazing music. Her music can be described as follows:

Ambient, abstract, quirky, cheery, experimental, glitchy, uplifting, fun, tongue in cheek, electronic, dancey, immersive, intelligent and deep.

So that should arouse interest in almost anyone right?

Pinklogik has many albums available on bandcamp for “name your price” , in essence that means free but I do always say that it’s very good to reciprocate with artists generosity by giving a PayPal donation and spreading the word.

There is a lot of such music on bandcamp , but pinklogik does stand out as being a higher calibre of totally immersive production.

OK, enough waffle go check out some great music this weekend : )

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