The past few months have seen me gravitating toward the use of breakbeats in my own sonic experiments. As such , my own SoundCloud browsing led me to many artists doing the same- especially drum and bass / jungle producers.

In no time I discovered “Future Jungle ” and made friends with prominent artists and labels in this genre. But one thing that needs to be clear from the start is that Future Jungle is not exactly a new genre. Some are presenting it as such, and it is also being called “140bpm”, “Nujungle” and a few other things. Some are also saying it’s breakbeat for the dubsteppers…

Future Jungle is all those things, but simultaneously it isn’t. Confused?

From my discussions with leaders of the Future Jungle phenomenon, it’s obvious that this genre is really a revival, back to the original conception of Jungle. Sure, the speed ( around 140bpm for the most part ) is revolutionary, but to be honest, before drum and bass, we used to play the Jungle at this speed. It is coincidence only that Dubstep rolls at that bpm too..

I might add that Future Jungle can actually range from 125bpm-155bpm , it just does not go up to the speed most dnb does..

Future Jungle is like old wine in new bottles, produced with the most cutting edge tools and by the most forward thinking producers. Sure, you might hear “wobble bass” on ocassion, but hey, Jungle was wobbly before the advent of dubstep!

It is highly unlikely that dubstep will stand the test of time that Jungle has, we are already seeing mass disinterest with the stale situation it has gotten itself into.

My own current listening experience has been very fruitful, I see all sorts of fresh ideas and inclusiveness within the work of many Future Jungle producers , and it’s great! I look forward to hearing much more!

Forgive me for being nostalgic, but i remember DJ Hype (when he was called The Scientist) giving me white labels and I put them in the mix and saw the response. Adding the breakbeat element indeed does break the monotony of the stale 4-to-the-floor house beats that have been overdone ad nauseum..

I predict a massive “Future Jungle Fever” this summer – it will be THE defining dance sound of 2013, I assure you of that. Remember, what you are seeing is a revival and a preservation of one of the longest and most influential electronic genres on the planet. And that can only mean one thing! Many of us old fogeys will be coming out from hiding and showing the youngens how it’s really done:)

Keep a close eye on this blog, we will be featuring much more, including releases, events, artists and all that as much as poss..

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  1. DJRP says:

    Great article Zac. Should be a very interesting summer 😉

  2. INSA 241 says:

    Personally I try to bring all of my fav sounds from other genres into my fj … The dubstep sounds in my hybrid tracks were a deliberate response to Skream doing burning up which was essentially what we were doing but the dubstep kiddys thought it something new…that got me thinking they would like our stuff so I added dubstep sounds and tagged it added to dubstep groups and forums etc in a cynical attempt to sell a few more tunes he he INSA 241

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