Movement in Sound kindly sent me a promo of Aural Imbalance’s latest album “Legacy”. As mentioned previously, this producer and I go way back, so far back that his present output is totally unrecognisable from his original.

Aural Imbalance aka Simon Huxtable was formerly a dj in the original rave scene in Devon. We played together in Plymouth and our styles were both hard with extra fast mixing. Simon picked up serious dj skills very fast and was soon rocking crowds and supporting the biggest djs at the time. So, getting this album was quite something, and somewhat of a culture shock.

Legacy is an album of atmospheric/ liquid drum and bass of cosmic proportions…there is no hint of the hard techno that I fondly remember Simon playing so skilfully. As a producer, it seems he is flawless, to the point that I can easily say he is right up there with LTJ Bukem and Alex Parez.

Cadence have done well to hold on to this artist, as he also publishes more house based sounds on the sister label “Within” as Deep Space Organisms too… All 9 tracks in the album are spot on and you are taken on a journey of massive yet polished breaks heavily tinged with jazzy/ spacey ambient atmospherics that, it seems, come so natural to Simon.

Harmony is ever present and a subtlety that very few have actually. You are drifting unaware that the artist is slowly lifting you up to higher realms of consciousness…

This is the kind of music that serves many purposes:

  • At home in the background while you want to chill:)
  • In the car, keeping you awake on that long drive but not so manic that you break a few speed limits!
  • Or on the dance floor…

Any self respecting drum and bass dj owes it to themselves to get a piece of this, and the music connoisseur certainly deserves such a rare treat. So, a straight 10 / 10 from me, not just because I know the artist, but simply because its a stunning album. For the moment it’s cd-only and in a mix format, but grab it now and you get the individual tracks as a free digital download at the end of the month : )

Go here and buy it right now!

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