20130308-205135.jpgGot an email today from Rick Holland whose poetry was featured on Brian Eno’s acclaimed Drums Between The Bells album.

He alerted me to some excellent new work he’s been involved in and you can hear a sample of it here:


I have to say it sounds very refreshing! This below is the press release:

The King Krill by Old Man Diode and Rick Holland
Breathtaking new album 26th March 2013

“Juxtaposes these future sounds against tranquil nature to create mystifying bliss” (Notion Magazine)
“Mesmorising and tense” (The405)
“A thing of beauty and menace” (Clash)

Masterminded by grizzly electronic scientist Old Man Diode and Rick Holland (Drums Between the Bells, Brian Eno / Warp) ‘The King Krill’ sees a dazzling array of vocal talents join the duo, giants from the history of dance music and lesser known new voices.

The single ‘Open Blue’ featuring Beth Rowley is currently on new music guru Tom Robinson’s Radio 6 playlist. Collaborations include the beautifully soulful qualities of singer / songwriter Beth Rowley, the haunting yet restrained vibrato of Chris James – lead vocalist with Stateless (Ninja Tune), Onallee – the largest voice of Roni Size’s iconic drum and bass troupe Reprazent, pioneering acid composer and vocalist Andrew Plummer (World Sanguine Report) and new leader into ‘the love parade’, dancehall queen IamFYA.

Unexpected phrasing and time signatures give rise to a uniquely structured and engaging project that opens new doors in modern music. Music videos have already accompanied the singles “Open Blue” and “Still Silver” and more cross pollination is coming with the future-music release of “The King Krill”, with collaboration at its core. Part-Borg within the ranks, part single intuit, ‘The King Krill’ emerges from deep within the data generation, as live signals smash out from the processors of sound. The blend is urgent and seething with feminine force, as human voices shift between the utter-ances of today’s new kings of infinite scale and the vibrations of single cells within the mass.

The album can be purchased here: www.wwrecords.co.uk

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