Beep Street, bespoke developer of amazing iOS apps such as iSequence, Impaktor and Sunrizer, have updated the latter today.

Sunrizer was the first iOS synth to really “wow” the world and it still wows today, even more so after today’s update. Many new filters, presets and other things have been added, bringing Sunrizer in direct competition with the other higher priced iPad synths.

I remember when this app first came out, as soon as I touched one key and heard the sound quality I was stunned. It happened again just now, when I tried the new wave-shaper filter which is included in the update.

I rarely review updates but as I use this synth a lot and the AppStore is now crammed with lots of new more expensive synths, I feel that the original big synth of the AppStore truly deserves renewed interest.

Sheer power! And the latest FREE presets are all tasty too. If you don’t own Sunrizer, you are missing out. For the price of a beer or so, a fully-capable world class synth can be yours : )

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