Few imagined that iDevices would be able to host apps that compete with their desktop counterparts. But we have seen, especially over the past two years, the incredible rise of independent developers bringing us synths and drum machines that put most desktop or even hardware ones in the closet.

Synths such as Sunrizer, PPG WaveGenerator, Magellan and Animoog are worth as much as any hardware synth or VST plug in, yet sell for a fraction of the price. Same goes for drum manipulators such as Glitchbreaks and Impaktor.

We also have great DAWs such as Nanostudio, Cubasis, Auria and Beatmaker 2, yet none of them has filled  the ultimate gap in the iOS-sphere despite Audiobus’s best intentions.

For a long time I’ve maintained that Reason will arrive for the iOS and a wee rumour that it may be on its way has appeared on Twitter. Lets see!

My gut feeling is we will see it, because developers now see the devices (newer ones, that is) can handle it and that the market is ripe! And @Kallepa has definately got his eye on the ball..

Also, when leading synth and hardware sites have more iOS-related posts than anything else, that’s a sign for me. Likely a sign for developers such as Propellerhead and Ableton too, no doubt. So developers have been waiting to see the growing power of devices and users needs, and it does show that iOS is ripe for the professionals to jump right it and use a mobile device for their work.

The last year has shown that quite a few amateur producers can do cool things with the apps we have, so if things go to the next level…

Those of us that have grown with apps and iOS are acclimatised and will gladly embrace next level daws and some may even join the big guns. A few artists have eps and albums out on independent labels, but I do hope to see at least one artist go mainstream with apps only. If that happens that will be great promo for the iOS world, which desperately needs it.

However, the good news is that some legendary artists such as Orbital, Plastikman and Memorecks do incorporate apps in their set up alongside the hardware. By June, I think, at least one next level DAW will materialise, and, no doubt, newer iPad models will be in even more demand : )

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