20130301-145207.jpgA few months ago I was lamenting about how boring music was becoming. I saw that experimental genres such as dubstep and ambient had become stagnant and repetitive. And I spend many hours each week looking for new music, usually on BandCamp, SoundCloud and YouTube.

To be honest, I thought electronica had gone as far as it could! And that every genre would succumb to generic commercial bastardisation by corporate smuks..

I was wrong! The past few weeks I’ve found many gigabytes of astounding groundbreaking and experimental music, ranging from very subtle yet technically complex arrangements to, more extreme sonic manipulation. Hope at last!

I like music that has no comfort zone, music that will actually make me wonder what will happen next. It doesn’t have to be noisy but it certainly must be out of the box.

In this blog, for those who are searching for the real cutting edge, will find on a very regular basis, access to amazing music and artists. A lot of it will be free, as most avant garde artists have no other purpose but to experiment and share. For, them and myself, the goal and vision is the same: to push the boundaries and search for what some may think improbable and illogical.

There are no limits : )

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