20130301-181252.jpgIt’s amazing how, in the palm of one’s hand, fully-realised tracks can manifest!!!

I have iPads and a MacBook but my personal preference is to use smaller devices such as iPhone or even an iPod Touch to produce my music. Why? Well, I have kids, get on buses, sit in parks while my kids play, and, life is hectic! I can actually make music and multitask…imagine I’m in the middle of a track, someone needs a channel changing or one kid starts crying,.i got a decent groove going on…

What to do? Put the device in the pocket, troubleshoot, then go back to the studio, no matter what room I’m on!!! Got to dash out to town on the bus? No problem! Looks far less conspicuous to pull out a phone or an iPod, than a big iPad or the much desired new iPad mini…

Phew, what a day, I’m tired, back hurts and I want to lie down…yet I’m still wanting to finish off that track!!! Much easier to have the small pocket size device on hand!

So there you go, I’ve let you in on my secret and I love it! I actually started with an ipodtouch so I’m used to the smaller devices. Having said that, many apps are not universal binary and I do use iPad apps regularly if the need arises.

Above is a screenshot of some of my staple apps that I will be talking about quite regularly and introducing you to their creativity.

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